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The battle between brick and mortar stores versus online stores has been waging for years now. e-commerce giants like Amazon has changed the face of shopping online and equally affected the experience and expectations of physical stores for customers. In this article we will discuss how brick and mortar stores are competing with online stores to retain customers and establish a unique experience.

Adding Value

Brick and mortar stores have an advantage over e-commerce sites in some ways. When a customer visits a physical store, they get the atmosphere, the layout, and the customer service that does not necessarily come with shopping online. Brick and mortar stores need to seek out ways they can incentivize their customers to come in store rather than purchase online. Offer your customers exclusive in-store discounts or other perks that will have them visit your shop. In-store discounts and deals gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers face-to-face and create long-lasting customer relationships.

Combining Strategy

Retailers trying to make it in their industry should seriously consider incorporating both an online and physical in-store experience. Incentivizing customers to visit your physical store is helpful, but, it should not take away from your overarching strategy to market your product. Having an online presence for your business is crucial in today’s world. Whether you decide to sell your product online is another story. You do not have to create your own e-commerce site to sell your product but rather use other, more efficient means to do so. Social media can be used, relatively cheaply, to market and sell products. Profiles like Facebook and Instagram have the capability to market and sell your product online.

Customer Service

One of the more larger points that differentiate online stores from brick and mortar stores is customer service. The ability to establish good customer relationships with customers can be the winning factor of getting your customers in your store. Teach your staff basic customer service tools and tricks to help them hone their skills. Developing your team and their customer service skills will help you retain customers and keep them coming back to your store.