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Frank LoBue


Baseball Coaching & Leadership

About Frank LoBue



From Hoboken, NJ, Frank LoBue is a well-rounded professional and a skilled baseball coach who has been passionate about the sport since childhood. With extensive experience in operations management and retail, coaching is something that has always inspired Frank, and he is happy to have a career that allows him to interact so closely with the game he loves so much. 

During college, Frank LoBue gained his first experience with coaching. He spent two summers participating in a baseball camp where he coached children aged 8-14. Early on Frank learned that it’s important to make the game fun for children. Otherwise, they won’t want to participate. Not every child plays at the same level, so Frank’s strategy is to partner up the more experienced players with someone who has less experience—that way the players can also learn from one another. It also helps the more advanced player learn to be a role model for the rest of the team.

While Frank LoBue focuses on baseball, he believes it’s important for children to be involved in any sport. Participating in a team sport gives children structure, and it helps keep them active. Being outside is very important—especially with all of the digital distractions that can keep children inside. However, at the same time, parents shouldn’t push a child to play a sport if they don’t want to. By showing children the sport on TV or in person, teaching them about the rules, and finding players who can be role models, children might become interested in the activity over time and want to play.

As a parent, it’s incredibly important to teach your kids the benefit of staying active while helping them find healthy outlets for exercise. Frank knows that helping them develop their own passions and interests can help them build healthy habits for life. 

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Frank LoBue received his education in New York, where he was born and raised. He attended Wagner College in Staten Island, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He continued his education at the institution, graduating with his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1993. 

Professional Career

Throughout his career, Frank LoBue has built a reputation for being professional, easy going and someone you can trust, no matter what industry he’s worked in.  He has more than two decades of experience in retail and operations management and two years experience working in real estate. As a professional, Frank is flexible and adaptable to each unique client’s needs while being very knowledgeable to the local markets. He brings his personal and business life lessons to each interaction. Many years of retail business and sales experience makes him a great choice to partner with when making your decision on buying. He comes from a family of builders, architects and real estate professionals which helps in the decision making process.

This Hoboken native is a recent transplant to Fort Myers, FL, where he loves to spend time with his beautiful family. A proud dad, husband and baseball coach, Frank’s children are involved in the local school events, baseball, soccer and hockey leagues. Frank also loves to travel, especially when his trips take him international. He’s been blessed with the opportunity to travel often, and along the way he’s picked up some favorite destinations. Some of Frank’s favorite places to travel include Japan, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, and Africa.

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