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Most sports coaches have the intention of growing their players’ abilities, both for the betterment of the team and for individual improvement. The role of a coach is not just to add victories to their team’s repertoire but also to develop their players’ skills. Given the nature of baseball, batting is an area that takes up much time in the game but is not always practiced to the fullest by each player. As a coach, it is likely that you will strive to get better results from batting practice so that your team can swing with confidence. Listed below are some tips for maximizing these exercises.


Teach Your Players to Know the Goal of the Hit


As they step up to bat, your players’ first instinct is to hit the ball, maybe even get a home run, so they can rack up some points or land on a base. However, this individualistic view of batting can lead to some mistakes that may even result in some of your team members getting out. Use batting practice to teach your players the importance of knowing the goal of their hit. As they approach the home plate with their bat, your players should take a look around the bases to try to formalize a plan. For instance, if a player is on third base, they should try with all their might to hit the ball in a direction that would enable that player to run home. Ensure that your players understand the strategic nature of the sport.


Give Your Players Homework


Whether coaching the big leagues or a small community team, your players need to understand the importance of personal commitment. While baseball is a team sport, it does require personal skills and development, many of which can be worked on outside of practice. As a coach, you should give your players physical homework, meaning that they should practice their batting and other baseball skills in their personal time to return to practice a bit better than before. This personal homework will contribute to the overall success of the team and teach your players the importance of honing their talents.


Diversify Your Drills

Batting practice is so much more than standing and hitting a ball. It involves proper technique, stances, learning the movement, staying focused under pressure and perfecting your grip on the bat. As a coach, it is in your hands to develop drills that will help your players apply these techniques to their gameplay and learn the methods that suit them best. There are a few tried and true batting drills that help players develop this skill, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to develop the more technical attributes needed to hit a home run.