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Hoboken, New Jersey has a wealth of history within its borders. There are many places to visit and things to experience in Hoboken, New Jersey, that it can be difficult to decide where you would like to spend your time. Although you may have your plans laid out for your trip to Hoboken, I am going to mention some attractions around the city that I believe are worth visiting before you leave. The list will comprise of a wide range of attractions that will hopefully include one attraction that you are interested in that you previously did not know about!

Hoboken Historical Museum

The Historical Museum was established in 1986 and is used to display works of art, oral histories, and artifacts from the city. Hoboken, New Jersey has an interesting history about it, and people from all over the country can visit the Historical Museum to learn more about its origins. A notable piece of history within the Museum is highlighting the beginnings of famous performer Frank Sinatra who is originally from the town of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Carlo’s Bakery

The famous bakery that has been featured on TLC’s Cake Boss takes residence in Hoboken, New Jersey. If you are a fan of the show or if you would like to learn more about how to make a fantastic piece of art with a cupcake, then visiting this part of the city is a must. Carlo’s Bakery holds classes at times during the day where people can learn how to make customized cupcakes and also learn some basic techniques that the Cake Boss himself uses.

The Hoboken Italian Festival

Every year, Hoboken participates in a four day festival of celebration for its distinct Italian heritage. Two big names, Frank Sinatra and Tony Soprano both called Hoboken home. The festival takes place the weekend after Labor Day and becomes jam-packed with delicious food and festivities. The tradition that the festival celebrates is over six hundred years old, originating from Italy. The Hoboken, Italian Festival has been taking place for nearly eighty-five years. The festival surrounds a Christian tradition and reenacts the ‘Blessing of The Fleet’ in the Hudson River. If you have been thinking about visiting Hoboken, New Jersey, at any point in the year, this would be a fun and exciting time to do so.