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You may have watched a series on Netflix, Selling Sunset, that makes it look very glamorous to be a real estate agent. However, to get those kinds of perks, you have to work hard. Take a look at what it takes to find success in real estate.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

When you decide to become a real estate agent, it will take some time. You will spend between 60 and 90 hours learning through formal education, and you will study and sit for the real estate licensing exam. This might take you between three and six months. 

As soon as you earn your license, most of the states require that you find a real estate broker that will sponsor you for two or three years. Keep in mind that there are different requirements depending on which brokerage you join, so you need to know what path you want to pursue before you do it. You should plan to spend six months to a year training for the job. 

Cost of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

It will cost you something to become a real estate agent. The amount varies depending on your state, but you can count on it being between $500 and $1,200. This money covers the courses you take, the license application fees, fingerprinting, a background check, and any state licensing exams. 

You will also need to rely on other income when you first start selling real estate. Most of the time, real estate agents work on commission, and you will not get paid until your first sale. You can possibly find a brokerage that pays a salary instead, but they are less common. 

Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

There are steps that you will take to become successful in real estate. First, do your research. You need to know what the licensing and education requirements are in your state. Then, you can take any necessary courses, and get your real estate license. Choose a brokerage to sponsor you, and join the National Association of Realtors. Then, create your marketing materials and start networking and making commissions.