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Frank LoBue
Professional Overview


For over twenty years Frank LoBue has worked in the retail industry. Over the course of his career, he has delivered strong operating and financial results in spite of the challenging environment of retail sales. Frank’s skills include strategic planning, team building, and inventory management as well as a strong work ethic and commitment to providing excellent customer service. At the moment Frank works as the Senior Director of Retail Operations for Theory and Helmut Lang which operates fifty-two stores, wholesale business and an e-commerce website. The company is owned by Fast Retailing and Frank looks forward to the organization’s growth.

While attending Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, Frank LoBue started working part-time for the GAP. In 1991 Frank graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. By 1993 he became a manager at GAP and earned his MBA in Management and Finance from Wagner College as well. For the next two to three years, he managed various stores for the GAP. Frank’s experience at the GAP taught him a lot about retail and management. He held various positions with the organization during his early career including Associate Manager, Assistant Manager, and Floor Supervisor. In addition to working for the GAP, Frank worked for Structure, Limited during his early career as a District Manager, Store Manager, and other positions.

According to Frank LoBue, the best aspect of working in the retail industry is working with people—both the team members and the clients. Every day Frank gets to meet people from various backgrounds and provide them with a service that makes them happy. Plus, he gets the opportunity to work with hard working team members who make the job fun. Another positive aspect of working in retail is the variety of the work. Frank likes to take a small business owner mindset with everything he does. In college, he studied small business management, and he loves getting the opportunity to apply what he learned to the job.

The most challenging aspect of working in the retail industry is keeping the customer interested and adapting to the changing retail environment. However, as a result of his experience, Frank has the skills and knowledge to navigate the changing retail landscape. Changing the product line, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and proper marketing are just some of the strategies that Frank and his team use to stay ahead of competitors and attract customers.

Outside of work Frank enjoys spending time with his family, watching baseball, and coaching his son and the local baseball team.

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